Seeing Her on the Bench

In every man’s heart
there is a secret nerve that answers
to the vibrations of beauty.

Прикроватная скамья Seeing Her on the Bench состоит из 3 подушек: двух мягких – верхняя часть, и одной нижней – из орехового дерева.

Sizes (cm)

  • 140 × 40 × 40h


Solid walnut with a natural finish. The lightweight base in perforated plywood, sickness 18mm.
The cushion cover is completely removable in the fabric version, while it is fixed in the leather version.

Padding in high resilience polyurethane foam.

Cover available in:
Indi Or Woven Leather
100% Cashmere
Solid walnut with a natural finish. Felt protection underneath.

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