Panels, Screens and Cushions

We started an amazing collaboration with a young Egyptian designer, Ingy Terouz. She creates beautiful hand-embroidered screens and cushions by recovering the traditional tent-stitch hand work with modern and dreamy colors and designs. A perfect work for Midsummer, as it combines a long and precious manufacture with the design that makes it perfect for the mood of our time.


Panels and Screens

With the handmade half stitch technique we create precious and unusual screens and headboards that you can easily combine with our sleeping systems to have not only a bed but a work of art. Each woman embroiders about ten square cm per day, a headboard is the long work of months. An exceptional object that will be beautiful for a lifetime. The headboards and screen are available on demand and can be created bespoke for each client.



Cushions are the ultimate display of luxury for your home and provide the added comfort that you need for a bed or a sofa. We have created a collection of cushions that mix a slow and patient handwork with contemporary design and colors. All fabrics by Loro Piana Interiors.

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