From the very early days our goal has been to create a variety of mattresses using different combinations of the highest quality natural materials. Assembled with care by the best Italian craftsmen.

Very soon we have realized that in order to get the best quality, we have to carefully consider the origin of our fibers and to make sure that they are collected without harming the animals. Because a happy sheep gives the best wool.

Now we are taking our commitment a step further and have decided to offer you the choice of a mattress padded with recycled wool. Recycled, but from a noble origin as you might expect from us: we use wool that is reworked from cashmere blankets and throws from well known fashion brands.

The heart of the mattress is made of pocket springs with three, five or seven lift zones, packed in a recyclable upholstery. The summer padding is made of hemp, one of the first fibers used by mankind: it is fresh, extremely robust and long-lasting. The padding is from our exclusive recycled wools and cashmere.

We work hard to give you sweet dreams and a better planet.

Please contact us if you are interested in this product.

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