Care and Maintenance

A Midsummer mattress is an investment in the quality of materials and in quality of sleep. Your Midsummer mattress has been designed to last for at least 25 years with adequate maintenance.

Your bed settles over time

Your Midsummer mattress is filled with all-natural materials such as horsehair, cotton, linen and wool, which will adapt to the shape of your body and your way of sleeping. With use, the mattress may eventually lose the thickness of the surfaces used. When less than about 20 mm, these values are considered physiological for the settling of the padding subjected to the weight of the body.


Midsummer mattresses are filled with natural materials, which weigh more than non-natural materials. We therefore recommend caution in handling them. After having removed the cardboard box of the packaging, the mattress must be carefully transported in its cellophane, which will be removed only after being placed on the bed. Do not use the handles to transport the mattress as they must be used to move it once the mattress is placed on the boxspring.


At the arrival of the mattress you may notice that the natural materials of which it is made emit a slight odor. It is a normal, and the smell will disappear in few months.


Inaccuracies in the seams may be given by the completely artisanal work with which the mattresses are made.


Midsummer mattresses are covered by a written warranty against spring breakage for 25 years from the date of delivery. To activate the guarantee, register your bed at

  • Rotate the mattress (head-feet) and turn it over (under-above) according to the following directions: once a week for the first three months, then at least twice a month.
  • Do not tear on the handles that are used to place the mattress on the base and not to lift it and / or carry it.
  • Do not use solvents or chemicals on the fabric.
  • Avoid using the iron or hair dryer on the fabric.
  • Do not use steam vaporizers or steam sterilizers to "sanitize" the mattress. This type of maintenance does not solve the problem of the mites but it affects the consistency and durability of the inner layers.
  • The fabric must never be wet, washed with water or ironed
  • Brush gently or use low-powered vacuum cleaners to remove dust; never use a high-powered beater or vacuum cleaner
  • The use of electric blankets is not recommended as they could affect the consistency and durability of the components
  • It is good practice to protect the product with a good quality mattress cover
  • Remove the packaging at the latest the day following delivery, in case you have to wait, open the package to allow normal perspiration avoiding condensation and a stagnation of humidity normally present in the atmosphere and consequently in the act of packaging.
  • Use the mattress for the use itself: do not jump on it or perform actions which might affect its durability.
  • A new mattress always requires a period of adaptation. It is normal that you need a few weeks or more to get used to your new mattress, especially if you are used to a different rest system.for a long time.
  • The flakes on your mattress have the function of ensuring that the padding remains firmly in place. They are designed to break when subjected to excessive stress, but are easily replaceable.
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