Villa Castagnara - Meina

It is a three-storey U-shaped building redesigned in the second half of the nineteenth century by the architect E. Linati on the site of a Jesuit vacation home.

The property had in fact for centuries belonged to the Benedictine monks of Arona in whose monastery the Jesuits had taken over.

It is situated  on a broad rampart and is surrounded upstream by a thick park rich in chestnut trees, while the gardens downstream have been replaced by a lot.

The villa has a surface of 1000 square meters. It includes ten bedrooms, restored  by the Albera e Monti design studio. All the bedrooms have special First Dream mattresses, padded with wool, lambswool and a particular external pad of Celliant + lambswool: fibers with a great thermal power. In numerous clinical tests it has been shown that the Celliant fiber increases the microcirculation oxygen levels and helps to balance the body temperature.

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