Why Vicuña is a dream fiber

Why did we use the rarest fibers in the world to make a mattress?


Vicuña wool is obtained by gently shearing a small undomesticated camelid that lives high up in the Andes. There is a centuries-old interaction between the vicuñas and a small community of natives who depend on them, shear them in a ceremony called “esquilas” and ultimately look after them. 


After a few years of a complete ban on the vicuña fiber trade, conservation associations and private companies are now working together with the communities in the southern Andes of Bolivia and Perù to rebalance the flocks and trade their wool in a safe and sustainable way. The profits from the vicuña wool commerce help support many families’ incomes, while the vicuñas’ protected status helps prevent poaching and other non-sustainable forms of exploitation.


Vicuñas help the community make a living, and in return vicuñas get respect and protection from the community.


By protecting the animals, conserving their habitat and learning how to shear them safely and how to correctly process their wool, local men and women have built a valuable and sustainable source of income. And the vicuña population can survive and continue to grow.


Vicuñas’ wool is the finest in the world, the most comfortable that you can experience, with unsurpassed thermoregulatory properties.  


For our “Vicuña Mattress” we only use exceptional materials such as the best Cheviot wool, cashmere, silk and we add a thick outer layer of the precious vicuña wool, the finest, silky, warm and desirable fiber in the world. 


We design sustainable luxury, for your wellness.  

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