What's in a Name?

We think that our name and logo defines what we are and what we stand for.

Midsummer, the name itself immediately brings Shakespeare's comedy to mind. A Midsummer's Night Dream is a moony, complex and ultimately happy play, in which sleeping and dreaming have a central role. This is what our bedrooms are about: a private place where to rest and dream.

Midsummer, the name also evokes Scandinavia, with its midsummer festivals. Our beds and mattresses, although completely handmade in Italy, share the scandinavian passion for high quality craftsmanship and all natural materials.

Milano obviously is where our home is. We feel deeply ingrained with the design and fashion culture of this city and are grateful to the milanese community of wonderfully skilled artisans that translates our ideas in exceptional products. Our showroom is right in the city center, steps away from such landmarks as the Duomo cathedral and the La Scala theater.

Finally the logo: the four seasons of the earth, circling an imaginary sun, stand for the durability and lasting quality of our products through the years.

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