The power nap

Sleep on it. Please rest.

As my personal experience, after a night of sleep, the moment I start to wake up is the most creative part of the day. Ideas come to the surface from the unconscious freely, without the filter of other thoughts that normally crowd the mind. It is a wonderful feeling not to think, like a kind of meditation that restores the mind. The same is when I practice napping: my mind becomes clearer. Napping has a number of beneficial effects not only for your mind but also for your body.

Anti-aging effect and the reduction of cortisol in body: cortisol also called “the stress hormone,” is secreted in higher levels during the body’s fight or in response to stress experienced in our daily lives.  Napping can help reduce cortisol in the blood and restore a state of hormone equilibrium thus giving your skin a “beauty sleep.”

Increased Alertness: Short naps increase our awareness level. In one study, NASA found pilots who took naps for about 25 minutes showed significant improvement in their alertness compared to pilots who didn’t nap.             

Drop in blood pressure: it gives a positive consequences for the body. Decreasing blood pressure below current standards can indeed save lives and prevent more heart attacks.

Stronger Immune System: Half-hour naps have been shown to boost production of leukocytes, or white blood cells that help the immune system tackle infectious diseases. This is especially useful in winter, when we’re more vulnerable to catching the common cold and other illnesses.

These are four good reasons to start napping if you aren’t already. So go ahead and take some naps if you need them. Napping may be the easiest way to good health.


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