The Future of Recycling

Hand-manufacturing a product of superior quality that lasts for a lifetime also means contributing to the circular economy and to the solution of our environmental  problems. 

Mattresses are a global environmental problem. The US for example throws away about 18 million mattresses a year, and only 19% of them are recycled. Why? Because it is hard to recycle them and the number of available facilities is pretty small. Foam mattresses are especially hard on the environment. They are made from non-renewable resources, deteriorate quickly, and are soon thrown out adding to the waste. Quite apart from the fact that they do not let the body perspire naturally.

Midsummer mattresses, on the contrary, are made with natural materials that maintain their  qualities  over time, are renewable and easily recycled.  In fact there is no need for their disposal,  as they can be disassembled, washed and restored to like new condition every 15 years or so. We use all the time that is necessary to build a long lasting object.

Buying and owning durable, maintainable and long  lasting objects means using less natural resources, and reducing our environmental impact to a minimum.

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