Spring at last!

It is the season of well-being, the flowers bloom, the days get longer and our mind changes subtly.

Yes, because our body renews itself with the change of season. We are deeply connected with nature and when nature changes, we change too.

The changes that spring brings to on our mind and body are many:

We are more dynamic

We stayed at home all winter while it was cold, dark and raining outside, but now we finally get to go out, walk, meet with friends.

We are more sleepy

If we have a hard time getting out of bed and feel sleepy all the time, it is because our body and mind are waking up after the long winter.

This awakening burns increased energy which is what causes our cozy sleepiness.

When we wake up we need an energy boost

Due to the new rhythms of life brought upon by the new season, there might be a drop in our energy levels. This can be easily solved with the help of supplements and proper nutrition.

Once we get used the new habits however, the exact opposite happens and we feel that we have a new energy.

This is because neurons and hormones are affected by more exposure to sunlight, more serotonin and cortisol are produced, both substances that enhance our vitality.

Increase the psychophysical well-being

The increased hours of daylight and the mild temperatures invite us to move more and it is finally really pleasant to walk, run or ride a bike.

As a result, the muscles wake up and we feel less swollen, more vital and keen to face the day.

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