Slow summer, slow manufacturing

Everyone needs a break from work from time-to-time to unwind, recover, relax and relieve stress, so here a helpful reminder for you: vacations are actually supposed to be relaxing.

Some of us pack their vacations with nonstop action when what we really need is time at the pool to nap... Our culture leads us to believe that more will definitely be better-more activities, more destinations, more sights to be seen, but more excitement isn't always better. 

Before you pack your vacation with a lot of stuff that will look good on Facebook but will actually leave you needing a vacation from your vacation, schedule yourself some downtime, some slow time, dedicated to your inners self.

Slow manufacturing means dedicating the right amount of time to each Midsummer product, and ensuring the best possible quality while promoting manufacturing traditions and artisanal know-how.

The current industrial system is based on automated manufacturing plants which allow for fast, serial production. However, here at Midsummer we pride ourselves on being an authentic Italian company, and we value our expertise and know-how. We have decided to re-discover the value of tradition and craftwork, as we believe that slow manufacturing processes enhance the value proposition of a company like ours.

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