New Year's sleep resolutions

A New Year's resolution is a tradition.

The New Year provides a fresh start and we alla feel a present desire to improve our life.The quality of our sleep is something that needs improvement, so why not start 2022 with a good sleep resolution. A couple of small steps are really going to change the quality of our sleep and of our whole life.

Stop drinking caffeine after lunch and dinner - Experts have found that on top of being a stimulant, caffeine interrupts the natural flow of melatonin, the hormone that sends us to sleep at night

Exercise more - A little exercise really does help you sleep. Even short bouts of exercise lead to improvements in total sleep time, sleep quality, and time spent falling asleep. For best results try to exercise in the morning.

Develop a bedtime routine that you can follow every night to help relax before bed - For example try taking a warm bath with calming scents, listen to quiet soothing music, pick up an enjoyable book to read or embrace the power of mindfulness or do some soft Pilates exercises.

Be in bed with the lights out and the cell phone put away by 11:00 pm - deep sleep  mostly comes during the first half of the night, so give it a fair chance and help your brain to recovery.

Buy a new mattress and pillow to support your body at sleep  - a mattress made of natural materials is essentially breathable, warm and comfortable in winter, fresh and pleasant in summer.

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