Making the best possible mattress


Our mattresses improve your sleep with natural breathable materials, warm in the cold season and cool in the hot season, completely breathable for a comfortable and perfectly dry sleep.

They are built starting from an internal heart of pocket springs. To respect the ergonomics of the various bodies we use a variety of springs, different in height, diameter and diameter of the wire, so that, in relation to the weight of each individual and the way of sleeping, the spine is always in the correct position.

The best natural materials used for your mattress come from all over the world: cashmere from Mongolia, yak from Tibet, horsehair from Argentina, wool from Scottish Cheviot or Falkland Islands, cotton from Egypt, and so on, to give you the best blend of materials possible.

The mattress is sewn with a long, completely manual work that requires more then two days. This work gives the best possible rest and allows your mattress to last over time.

The hand-quilted side band and the hand tufting create a perfect, comfortable and durable mattress. A valuable piece of art that will follow you for life.

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