John and Yoko's Iconic Bedroom

A new installment in our occasional series on famous bedrooms.

During the Vietnam War in 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono found an original (albeit controversial) way to protest against the war in Vietnam. They just stayed in bed for weeks at a time, plastered the walls of their bedroom with anti-war slogans and invited journalists and photographers to report their deed.

The messages they wanted to send came across well and were instantly recognized all over the world: ‘make love not war’, ’non-action is action’ and also ‘grow your hair’.

John and Yoko’s bed-in protest was actually two separate episodes, so we really have two famous bedrooms for our collection, located in two different hotels on both sides of the Atlantic, one in Amsterdam and the other one in Toronto.

Should you be so inclined you can actually book the exact same rooms and sleep where a bit of history was made. Just ask for 'Room 902' at the Amsterdam Hilton or for the ‘John and Yoko Suite’ at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.

Fifty years later we do not have a war to protest, but we have a difficult struggle against the virus. Maybe staying in bed much longer than usual is still a good idea. Better still if you can stay in a Midsummer bed: comfortable, cozy, manufactured form all natural materials.

Just do not invite journalists and photographers if you want to keep your social distancing.

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