In the mood for love

When love is around, there are thousands of reasons not to fall asleep.

It took a scientific study to demonstrate this fact, but everyone whose heart has beaten at least once to the rhythm of another heart is well aware that sleep is lost when you are in love. 

The reason why people in love sleep less can be found in the maelstrom of physiological and neurological reactions that accompany the euphoria of romantic love. 

Your body produces more hormones than usual: oxytocin and vasopressin which are related to strengthening the emotional bond, increased levels of cortisol which are probably linked to one’s fear of losing the other, and dopamine which is the hormone of pleasure and happiness.

Typically a lack of sleep has harmful side effects, but not all sleepless nights have this effect. When the body is under the influence of love, it appears to have its own countermeasures to ensure that fewer hours of sleep do not cause any damage. 

Love conquers all

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