Our concept of boiserie: softness and elegance


In order to create the perfect bedroom, Midsummer completes its catalogue creating a collection of boiserie in precious printed fabrics. Designed to give life and character, to free the designer's imagination for the creation of the perfect bedroom, but also for living rooms, entirely covered or for the creation of decorative panels.

The experience of our craftsmen combined with the creativity and technique of our graphic designers allows us to create new wall coverings, playing on designs and colors that enrich the environment with a creative and timeless touch.

The panels of our wall coverings are customizable in size and print.  Built starting from a wooden frame on which a cotton molletton is placed and glued, which gives softness and sound absorption. On it the craftsmen manually fix, so that it is perfectly stretched, the printed fabric.

Fabrics are an important part of the Midsummer bedroom. Only the harmonious combination of shapes, designs and colors can create an environment capable of giving true well-being to those who live it.

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