The importance of Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a science. Unlike a conventional mattress an ergonomic mattress is designed to support your body, to hug you, for a better night’s sleep. It can be fully adjusted to your shape and height, providing much needed pressure relief and tailored shoulder and hip support.

So, not only the amount of sleep is crucial for deep and relaxing sleep, but also the sleep quality. If you feel exhausted after sleeping long enough, or if you are waking up with back pain or neck tension you should examine their bedroom carefully. A natural sleep environment enables the body to regenerate and relax at night.

Ergonomics plays an important role when talking about sleeping healthy: People who toss and turn during sleep because their mattress is too soft or too hard, won't get enough rest. However, if your spine is sufficiently supported by the mattress, you will wake up fit and rested every morning.

The ideal sleep surface should simultaneously be relieving and supportive. Since we change our sleeping position 30 to 60 times during sleep, it is important that our spine is always relaxed. As a result, our body and especially our intervertebral discs regenerate quickly.


Why our mattresses are so much supportive for your spine.
We use a large variety of natural materials, warm and cosy for the winter and fresh and breathing for the summer. Our materials are mixed by skilled artisans to be supportive and follow your body perfectly. 

The core of the mattress is made up with springs. Depending on your weight you can choose between a firm, medium or soft mattress. As a rule, the more you weigh, the more the mattress must support the weight, and therefore be more firm.

For the Firm mattresses we use springs with three different zones, slightly softer on the shoulders and pelvis, while we use seven different zones for soft mattresses to follow the spine and hold it correctly in position. Even in the single-zone mattresses we use different diameters of the thread of the springs so that the spine can always be positioned properly.

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