From “Journey to Italy" - Wolfang Goethe

"Wherever one goes and casts a look around, the eye is at once struck with some landscape, forms of every kind and style; palaces and ruins, gardens and statuary, distant views of villas, cottages and stables, triumphal arches and columns, often crowding so close together, that they might all be sketched on a single sheet of paper. He ought to have a hundred hands to write, for what can a single pen do here? And besides, by the evening one is quite weary and exhausted with the day's seeing and admiring."
Rome, November 10th, 1786.

A Midsummer Bedroom is both timeless and contemporary, blending the perfection of exquisite design and precious material like cashmere, silk and linen with the latest manufacturing techniques. Each mattress and bed is built with the care and the attention for detail of a haute couture gown.

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