End of Summer tips

It’s little bittersweet to say goodbye to summer. No more calm and sunny summer days, no more relaxing walk in the mountains. The change in temperature and light also plays a role. Days are getting cooler and shorter and for those sensitive to light, this can contribute to the “end of summer blues”.

But there is a remedy: 

Take the best of summer into fall: Give yourself permission to take your summer mindset into September and beyond. Continue to have fun, to eat fresh products from the farmer's market, to spend some time outdoor, to go for walks after dinner and for long bike rides on weekends

Organize your home: beautify and make your space into a place that you love to be at. Re-arrange what you have, buy some new things and make it the most comfy, cozy and peaceful space it can be. A place to rest, relax and recharge. Paint an accent wall. Try some aromatherapy.

Be happy about it: there are lots of great things about winter: hot chocolate, warm baths, thick sweaters, cozy blankets, the warmth of cuddles, not worrying about your weight, at-home get-togethers, cups of steaming tea, candles, fires, sleep more, your most stylish coats, slowing down, do less, rest more and read.

Always nurture a bit of summer even in the middle of fall.

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