Dreams and Creativity

We think of dreams in terms of what they can tell us about our minds. But what if that’s only part of their power?

There's vast and growing more evidence that sleep, including napping, can make you smarter.

Dreaming may expand your memory, boost creativity, and help you better plan for the future, new research suggests. Dreams can help you shift out of your habitual perspective, and that’s a key factor for creativity.

Dreams happen in an alternative space, where everything presents itself as fully real and fully embodied, and where you are completely and intimately convinced that you are awake. 

And then you wake up.

But what is the best way to remember your dreams and to capitalize on the trove of images and sensations that they have brought to you? It is always good to have a notebook close to the side table and take a fresh note of your dreams, so you can flash back into that moment.

And what is the best way to dream? To be relaxed in a dark, cool and harmonic environment, on a good bed.

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