Crafting the Best Possible Boxspring


The workmanship is long and complicated, but the result is the most breathable, comfortable and durable boxspring that can be had. Made by the best Italian craftsmen using a unique process that is handed down from generation to generation.

Made exclusively for Midsummer-Milano, this boxspring is characterized by 70 clocksprings which are individually nailed to a solid spruce case and bound together with a dense net of ropes and more than 1200 hand-tied knots.

The ropes are bound following an orthogonal pattern which gently compresses the springs, holds them in tension and ensures greater stability and a longer life. To wrap up the piece, the padding is placed by hand on a thick jute cloth. The padding is composed of soft linen straw and soft vegetable hair, giving the boxspring its incredible breathability and comfort.

This is a boxspring built to be last. After 25 years of continuous use the materials still conserve all their original qualities and could be reused to rebuild the boxspring.

A unique product, designed and built to give exceptional comfort to our most discerning customers.

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