Coming back from vacations stress free

Holidays are a very important time of the year.


It is when we are free to read a book, to chat with friends for as long as we like, to stop and contemplate nature without the clock that reminds us of the things we must do. 


Vacation is also a time to recharge our batteries and take a step back from our routine so that we can think about what is working and what is not.


This has also a marked reflection on our body and mind: we sleep better, we feel fit, the brain is clearer and creativity returns.


So it is only natural that the transition back to the “reality” of having long to-do-lists and a lot less of doing-what-I-want-when-I-want can be challenging. 


This transition is often experienced badly, with a sense of anxiety and discouragement.


So is there a way to make the transition back to the reality any easier?


We think that with some precautions we can return to normal life while continuing to enjoy the holiday that has just ended:


  • give yourself a transition weekend before you start work. Most of the time, whatever routine we come back to hasn’t really changed. Give yourself time to have a smooth transition.


  • share the beautiful moments of your vacation with friends in order to enhance and assimilate the happiest memories. This helps to fix the good times in your memory.


  • do activities that will help you maintain that sense of “play,” maybe ones that you did on your time away (like yoga, walking or dancing).


Bringing the holiday experiences home with you is another way of savoring the experience, and keeping that carefree, best-of-you version at home. 


So, welcome back and enjoy!

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