An ode to lightness and delicacy

Sleeping is the beginning of a journey to the world of dreams, a journey that starts in the bedroom and takes us to our inner self.

In the bedroom, the most intimate and private part of the house, we surrender our awareness to situations and actions which are freely imagined and composed by our minds. Just what we need to forget our hectic days and to be finally ourselves.

Then in the morning we are ready to start afresh with rested looks, new projects, new visions. As Marcel Proust wrote, the real discovery is not looking at new landscapes but looking with new eyes. 

At Midsummer we want to harmonize our sleep’s rhythms with those of the environment in which we rest, combining aesthetics and functionality. 

This is the idea behind our Dreamy sleep system. Upholstered with precious Loro Piana interiors linen, in a variety of colors, it combines an exceptional comfort given by the dynamic collaboration between boxspring, mattress and topper and the most precious natural materials, with the elegant proportions that we Italians love.

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