Do you need a boxspring?

Mattresses have been around for thousands and thousands of years. Boxsprings, on the other hand, are quite new. 


For most of human history, beds were simple loth bags stuffed with hay, wool or feathers. Springs only started being used in mattresses in the 19th century.

It wouldn’t be until the 1950s, however, that the innerspring mattress would become the most common mattress. While it offered a distinct advantage over older mattresses it often included a boxspring for added comfort. 


By resting the mattress on a boxspring, which also has metal coils, the mattress feels softer than if it was laying on a hard or slatted base. The boxspring offers good responsiveness and is  great at absorbing shocks, wear and tear, helping extend the life of the mattress. 

A boxspring underneath the mattress is extremely convenient for people with knee or back problems, and furthermore it allows air to circulate, keeping you cool. 


Midsummer mattresses and boxsprings are the core of our project for the ideal bedroom.

A restoring sleep and a perfect relax on a handmade mattress and boxspring, surrounded by the harmony of shapes, proportions and precious materials.

This is Midsummer's idea of sleeping well. 

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